NWCCD 2017-18 Catalog 
    Sep 22, 2019  
NWCCD 2017-18 Catalog [This is an Archived Catalog.]

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AECL 2010 - The Ecological Web: Soils

This course introduces students to the soil resources of the United States to enable a full appreciation of the importance of these resources; presents soil science theory tied to the practice of those that use the soil; and stresses the sustainable management of soil resources.  The course focuses on the basic properties of soils such as physical, chemical, and biological which influence our use of soils to grow plants, to support structures, to store wastes, to filter water, and in general to function as a component of our habitat.

General Education Requirement: None

Credits: 4

Contact Hours: 3 lecture, 2 lab hrs/week

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