NWCCD 2017-18 Catalog 
    Aug 22, 2018  
NWCCD 2017-18 Catalog [This is an Archived Catalog.]

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BIOL 1020 - Life Science

This course is an introductory course emphasizing fundamental principles of biology including cell structure and function, genetics, ecology, evolution, and organismal biology.  The application of these principles to societal issues such as the conservation of biodiversity, overpopulation, and global environmental changes, biotechnology, and human wellness and disease are also considered.  Duplicate credit will not be given for BIOL 1010 General Biology I.



EDCI 1430 - Life Science Seminar IF an Elementary Education student

General Education Requirement: Life Science

Credits: 4

Contact Hours: 3 lecture, 3 lab hours/week

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