NWCCD 2017-18 Catalog 
    Aug 11, 2022  
NWCCD 2017-18 Catalog [This is an Archived Catalog.]

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WELD 1860 - Welding Fabrication

This course covers design and fabrication of welding projects.  A working print, estimation of cost and time, and a list of materials are required.  Visual and non-destructive testing methods are used to evaluate for correct and sound welds.


WELD 1650 Print Reading & Welding Symbols OR WELD 1773 Gas Metal Arc Welding OR WELD 1755 Shielded Metal Arc Welding OR WELD 2650 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding.

Credits: 3

Contact Hours: 1 lecture, 4 lab hours/week

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