NWCCD 2020-21 Catalog 
    Feb 28, 2024  
NWCCD 2020-21 Catalog [This is an Archived Catalog.]

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DHYG 3750 - Periodontology

This course reviews the anatomy and histology of periodontal structures and dental accretions followed by a study of the classifications and etiology of periodontal diseases including both local and systemic factors.  A thorough exploration of the hygienist’s role in disease recognition, prevention, therapeutic procedures and maintenance is also included.

Credits: 3

Instructional Method Lecture


Admission to the Dental Hygiene program required.

Minimum Student Competencies
Upon completion of DHYG 3750 Periodontology, the student will:

  1. Identify the clinical, histological and radiographic features of periodontal health versus periodontal diseases.
  2. Compare the various stages of severity of periodontal diseases.
  3. Describe the function of the periodontium.
  4. Classify patient level of periodontal severity according to the American Academy of Periodontology Classification System.
  5. Describe local and systemic factors involved in the etiology and pathogenesis of periodontal disease.
  6. Develop an individualized patient treatment plan to include patient periodontal classification, treatment needs, oral hygiene care needs, proposed prognosis and appropriate patient recare.
  7. Review non-surgical periodontal therapy.
  8. Explore the most commonly performed periodontal surgical procedures and discuss the prognosis of each.
  9. Determine individualized steps to be taken at a patient periodontal re-evaluation appointment.
  10. Modify maintenance programs which are designed to meet individual patient needs.

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