NWCCD 2020-21 Catalog 
    Mar 26, 2023  
NWCCD 2020-21 Catalog [This is an Archived Catalog.]

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PSYC 2465 - Special Problems in Psychology

This course is designed to encourage critical thinking and discussion in areas of special problems in psychology. Topics of interest will vary by semester and may include contemporary issues, emerging fields in psychology, recent research, and/or psychosocial issues relevant to modern society

Credits: 1-4

Completion of, concurrent enrollment, or placement score into English 1010 English I, or instructor consent

Minimum Student Competencies
Upon completion of PSYC 2465 Special Problems in Psychology, the student will:

  1. Interpret the essential details of a chosen topic.
  2. Compare multiple points of view of a chosen topic.
  3. Evaluate the contribution of classmates.
  4. Formulate unanswered questions of a chosen topic.
  5. Analyze scientific research conducted on a chosen topic.
  6. Summarize psychological research.
  7. Apply psychological research to personal life situations.
  8. Explain psychological findings in written reports.

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