NWCCD 2020-21 Catalog 
    Apr 16, 2024  
NWCCD 2020-21 Catalog [This is an Archived Catalog.]

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SPAN 2030 - Second Year Spanish I

This course serves as a review and expansion of the basic structures of Spanish commonly taught at the introductory level, while providing ample opportunities for students to build vocabulary, communication, and writing skills.

Credits: 4

Instructional Method Lecture

General Education Requirement: Foreign Language
SPAN 1020 - 1st Year Spanish II or adequate score on CLEP exam or instructor consent.

Minimum Student Competencies
Upon completion of SPAN 2030 Second Year Spanish I, the student will:

  • Discuss the use of technology and electronic products.
  • Handle telephone expressions.
  • Manage car problems.
  • Cultivate people by welcoming them to a house.
  • Describe a house or apartment.
  • Prioritize household chores.
  • Develop instructions.
  • Explain the environment.
  • Explore beliefs and opinions about environmental issues.
  • Prescribe advice to others.
  • Outline directions.
  • Identify daily errands and city life.
  • Analyze cultural stereotypes encountered in oral and written texts.
  • Recognize the reflections of practices, products, and/or perspectives of the target culture in oral and written texts.

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