NWCCD 2018-19 Catalog 
    Mar 30, 2020  
NWCCD 2018-19 Catalog [This is an Archived Catalog.]

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CNTK 1705 - Carpentry Lab

This course runs concurrently with all the major courses in Construction Technology to allow time for students to develop the construction skills necessary to become proficient in the field of construction and to complete the jobs/tasks implemented within the major courses in Construction Technology.

Credits: 3 to 8

Instructional Method Lecture/Lab

Successful completion of, or concurrent enrollment in CNTK 1560 Construction Safety and Use of Tools OR  NCCER Core Curriculum Certification, OR instructor consent

Enrollment in construction technology course sequence

Minimum Student Competencies
Upon completion of CNTK 1705 Carpentry Lab, the student will:

  1. Practice and implement safe work practices.
  2. Demonstrate construction math skills.
  3. Identify wood building materials, fasteners, and adhesives.
  4. Identify and safely use common hand and power tools.
  5. Build floor systems.
  6. Build wall and ceiling framing.
  7. Perform roof framing techniques.
  8. Install windows and doors properly.

Program Outcomes
Construction Technology

PO#1 Integrate information from residential and commercial blueprints to solve building problems

PO#2 Apply communications skills in an industry setting

PO#3 Operate construction tools and equipment

PO#4 Perform wood cutting and milling operations

PO#5 Perform construction mathematics applications

PO#6 Employ construction safety skills

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