NWCCD 2018-19 Catalog 
    Sep 27, 2022  
NWCCD 2018-19 Catalog [This is an Archived Catalog.]

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NURS 1200 - Professional Nursing Care in Chronic Illness

This course introduces the learner to the patient and family with chronic illness using the concepts of health promotion, safety, clinical judgment, leadership, patient centeredness, and professionalism. Learners use caring behaviors, therapeutic communication and advocacy when providing care to patients with chronic illness across the lifespan. Learners identify the roles and values of the members of the inter-professional healthcare team.  The patient and family-lived experience is emphasized.

Credits: 9

Instructional Method a combination of lecture, lab and clinical

Acceptance into the nursing program

Minimum Student Competencies
Upon completion of NURS 1200-Professional Nursing Care in Chronic Illness, the student will:

  1. Apply strategies to reduce the risk of harm to patients and providers with consideration for professional standards.
  2. Demonstrate the role of the nurse in supporting patient safety.
  3. Apply the nursing process for plans of care.
  4. Begin to incorporate evidence when planning nursing care.
  5. Develop beginning leadership attributes, such as prioritizing, delegating, and managing resources.
  6. Participate as a member of the inter-professional team.
  7. Provide basic, safe and effective, individualized care.
  8. Use effective communication techniques to establish therapeutic relationships.
  9. Identify the need for advocacy in patient care.
  10. Articulate core values and principles of the nursing profession.
  11. Relate legal and ethical standards to the scope of practice.
  12. Develop evidence-based teaching plans to manage health and promote quality of life.

Program Outcomes
Nursing Programs

PO#1 Provide safe nursing care within the healthcare system.

PO#2 Incorporate prior knowledge, current research, and clinical experience in decision-making.

PO#3 Demonstrate leadership skills as part of an inter-professional team to promote desired outcomes.

PO#4 Use effective communication and advocacy to provide individualized care.

PO#5 Practice within the core values, principles, and standards of the nursing profession.

PO#6 Utilize the nursing process and a broad knowledge base to maximize health.

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