NWCCD 2018-19 Catalog 
    May 19, 2024  
NWCCD 2018-19 Catalog [This is an Archived Catalog.]

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HIST 1221 - US from 1865

This course examines the historical development of the United States from the earliest explorations through the Civil War. The course identifies the impact that migration has had in the formation of the society of the United States. The course investigates the events and individuals that have impacted the history of the United States during this time period. It summarizes how the social, political, economic, religious, and cultural forces influence history and international affairs. It explores the major principles of the US and Wyoming Constitutions. 

Credits: 3

Instructional Method Lecture

General Education Requirement: US and Wyoming Constitutions
Comments: This course fulfills the same requirement at UW.

Completion of or concurrent enrollment in ENGL 1010 English I, or instructor consent

Minimum Student Competencies
Upon completion of HIST 1221 U.S. from 1865, the student will:

  1. Illustrate an understanding of the legacy of Reconstruction.
  2. Outline the economic changes of the late 19th Century and their impact on American society.
  3. Identify the dilemma posed by America’s rise to world power status.
  4. Illustrate familiarity with the political unrest that accompanied industrialization leading up to the Progressive movement.
  5. Appraise the significance of the World Wars in American history.
  6. Relate awareness of the impact of the Great Depression particularly on the growth of the federal government.
  7. Outline the causes of the Cold War.
  8. Distinguish the Baby Boom era and the movement from national consensus to conflict.
  9. Relate familiarity with the range of social issues which created discord in the 1960s.
  10. Examine the historical development of the United States.
  11. Analyze the US and WY Constitutions

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