NWCCD 2018-19 Catalog 
    Dec 06, 2023  
NWCCD 2018-19 Catalog [This is an Archived Catalog.]

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HLED 1006 - Personal & Community Health

This course is designed to introduce students to a broad spectrum of personal and community health issues within the United States and across diverse world cultures.  Topics include the universal human experience regarding mental health, dietary practices, physical wellness, prevention strategies, and disease risk reduction and control. Comparisons and interconnectedness among societies and cultures will be explored as it relates to the use of fine arts, traditions and cultural practices for personal and community health.  This course incorporates essential knowledge and skills necessary to adopt and practice a sound and healthy lifestyle.

Credits: 3

Instructional Method Lecture

General Education Requirement: Global Diversity
Comments: This course does not meet UW’s Human Culture requirement unless transferred as part of an Associate degree.

Minimum Student Competencies
Upon completion of HLED 1006 Personal and Community Health, the student will:

  1. Identify the dimensions of health across diverse cultures.
  2. Apply positive stress management tools to personal health.
  3. Relate personal health information to current health events and consider the universality among differing societies and how it has changed over time.
  4. Establish personal behavior change goals.
  5. Cultivate a relationship with an identified community health resource.
  6. Investigate health resources in other communities, across diverse human societies.
  7. Identify aspects of personal health and the sociocultural universals.

Program Outcomes
Upon completion of HLED 1006 Personal and Community Health, the student will:

Exercise Science AS

PO#6 Design individual programs for diverse populations utilizing appropriate principles for safe and effective exercise prescription

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