NWCCD 2018-19 Catalog 
    Jun 12, 2024  
NWCCD 2018-19 Catalog [This is an Archived Catalog.]

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SOC 2460 - Field Studies

This course provides cross-cultural experiences while witnessing traditional ways of life in a foreign country. Students are introduced to local flora, fauna, religious practices, education, healing rituals, architecture, technology, art, music, and dance. Upon completion of this course, students develop an understanding of other cultures and their place in modern society.

Credits: 3

Instructional Method Lecture

General Education Requirement: Global Diversity
Comments: This course requires travel to a foreign country. This course does not meet UW’s Human Culture requirement unless transferred as part of an Associate degree.

Minimum Student Competencies
Upon completion of PSYC 2460 / HLTK 2960 / SOC 2460 Field Studies, the student will:

  1. apply the study of local flora and fauna as it relates to the student’s discipline.
  2. analyze differences in religious practices in a foreign country.
  3. compare cultural differences when working and traveling in a foreign country.
  4. examine the indigenous educational practices found in a foreign country.
  5. distinguish local healing and medicinal practices in a foreign country from the student’s home country.
  6. outline similarities and differences between cultures.
  7. discuss local architecture and land features in a foreign country.
  8. assess how innovations in technology impact culture in a foreign country.
  9. interpret the various functions of art, music, or dance within a novel culture.

Cross-listed: PSYC 2460 & HLTK 2960 Field Studies

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