NWCCD 2008-09 Catalog 
    Mar 30, 2023  
NWCCD 2008-09 Catalog [This is an Archived Catalog.]

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EIP* 2620 - Advanced Interpreting

Units of study on oral and tactile (deaf/blind) interpreting, telephone interpreting, and cued speech are included. There will be continued focus on development and refinement of voice to sign and sign to voice interpretation and transliteration. In preparation for employment, students will do a job market analysis and prepare a resume.

Prerequisites: Complete ASL*1700-American Sign Language III, EIP*1510-Aspcects of Interpreting, EIP*1520-Educational Interpreting, EIP*2520-Specialized Vocabulary, EIP*2530- English Sign Systems, EIP*2540-English to ASL and EIP*2550-ASL to English.

Credits: (6.00 cr.)

Lecture/Lab Hours
(6 lect hrs/week)

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