NWCCD 2008-09 Catalog 
    Mar 31, 2023  
NWCCD 2008-09 Catalog [This is an Archived Catalog.]

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FDSC* 2200 - Advanced Meat Processing

Advanced Meat Processing is a continuing in-depth study of retail meat cutting and value-added products in today’s meat industry. Students will be familiarized with advanced retail meat cuts, identify specific carcass muscles in relation to their characteristics, and study methods of cooking cuts of meat generated from these muscles. Innovative retail merchandising and aggressive product development for today’s consumer needs will be the focus. This course will present many approaches to meat merchandising and provide information to the student for making accurate decisions that will bring the greatest profits to producers and retail operations.

Prerequisites: Complete FDSC*2060-Fresh Meat Processing.

Credits: (4.00 cr.)

Lecture/Lab Hours
(4 lab hrs/week)

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